01st August 2006

A Son asked his day one day............
"Dad are we Rich"?
His Dad looked down at him and replied with a smile
"Son where richer than a poor man has seen"
"And where Poorer than a rich mans been"
"but son our wealth isn't measure in dollars and cents"
"big flash shiny cars"
"or that white picket fence"
" Our wealth comes from chasing our dreams"
"the places we've been and the things we've seen"
"Our friends and our family.......that's all we need"
"see son Only a rich man can tell you if he is truly happy"
"But remember my son...............Rich men often lie...."
Rory Lehndorf.

Against the Current.
A lovely book to read!! Nicely written, almost feels like reading a novel. I especially like the New Zealand chapter. With no or hardly any money re-living an old book. It felt like I was standing there beside you on the riverbank.
Wim Van Velson.

Continue to follow your dreams never forsake. Those words never forget...
Filomena Rosamilia

Photo: Sunset Taupo Fisherman
Was just reminising over my days around the north island and you site is inspiraional with some wonderful photography. I just realised that the fisherman alone with his thoughts at the change of light at the Waitahanui rip could be me! Selwyn

Painting: Subhan
By SAAD BIN JUNG: Jeremy was with us for a month and the staff offered him everything from goat, sheep, donkey, hen etc and it was not to eat. He was there for the right reasons. The camp loved him.

Painting: Subhan
Been a bit hectic. I checked out your passionate, mournful picture of Suhban - reminded me of George Baselitz, a German expressionist. An era certainly passed with him, but I look at it that Suhban will be remembered by many – which is all any of us can hope for.

Painting: Subhan
Hi Jeremy, a nice gesture to honour his memory like that. Very sad to think he's gone. It was a long time ago that I last saw him (20 years) but other friends who fished the Kaveri more recently always brought back news. All the best, Jeremy Wade

Hi Jeremy, promised I'd send you a few photos. Just what I managed to upload at various times, as no decent computer as yet, I'm borrowing someone's at the mo. Your website is amazing, really well laid out, must've taken you an age!

Eyes of a Fisherman.
Jeremy, we met randomly, I said I'd check out your site, Loved it! Especially Eyes of a fisherman, good insight, well presented and it kept me looking. Well done keep it up!

Photo: David Aka (Hammer).
Jeremy, I never got to meet you but I heard alot about your adventures tru my old Man David aka : HAMMER (pictured above drinking a beer). Your web is fantastic and makes me want to drop everything and go fishing, Hope to meet you on your next adventure to New zealand and show you some of the fishing over my way....take it easy
Roy .

The Trout
A streamlet clear and sunny with ripples all about,
Was once the bath for Bonnie, a gentle little trout.
On shore I stood observing, with exquisite delight.
The happy little creature, it was a pretty sight.
A fisher with his angle, stood also on the shore.
Hard trying to entangle the fishes, more and more.
I thought if clear the water continued round about.
The wretch would never capture my Bonnie little trout.
Thoul't never catch thou varlet, my Bonnie little trout.
What did the busy body afraid to loose his prey.
He made the water muddy and without long delay.
His skilful line outreeling, he caught the fish the fish
so sweet.
I saw with saddened feeling the cheated and the cheat.
I saw with saddened feeling the cheated and the cheat.
by Schubert. Suzanne

Photo: A Brace of Taupo Trout.
"Very well done Jeremy, I will see you on the river frequently over the next few months. Yesterday was superb, you tying the fly and me using it with success! Eat your heart out chaps. Marilynn Bruton.

Jeremy, I fished beside you yesterday and for a short time this morning at the Hine. You suggested i check out your website. I think it is fantasic. You are much more talented than you appear!! I truly underestimated you. I hope we meet again. I would a copy of the book. Keep in touch. Live to fish. Alan.

Photo:Waitahanui Fishing Sunset.
Great site Jeremy, in the words of Borat "Very nice".

Photo:Fighting a Tarpon.
I think Fighting a Tarpon is a tough fish to catch. Once I read this book and this 9 year old went out and caught a Tarpon and brought it up to the shore all by herself.

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is what I thought about it. It was the best book that I ever read.(and I don''t like reading).Samantha

Even better than I imagined! Wow, it all looks great,love the art, and the photos. I do have to say, though the site doesn't look as good as you did entering my studio today. I am looking forward to showing Kris and visiting regularly. A great way to keep in touch. My favorite photo is just too hard to pick. But I love the ones of the fish swimming free. Meagan

Photo:Fighting a Tarpon.
Great pic. Gives the sense of being there doing it yourself.Would imagine even better in the Raw. Ju.

hey mate how is it finally got myself a computer wat ya up to me workin on tweed for next three months hope ya gonna send me a signed copy of that book keep in touch tight lines! cant belive i not goin nz this year.

Photo: The fishermen at Waitahanui Rip.
New painting is one of the best so far when is the exhibition?

Photo: Taupo Fisherman Bill.
yeh ! great site now !!!!what R U up 2 at D mo ? not still drinkingcider !!!D \'rip\' still firing, tom,bill& all D rest still hammering it !! did no good in scotland. catch U soon. Graham.

Photo: Lumo Madness.
Fantastic i love it reminds me of no other artist unique.

Photo: Change of light
I was stood next to you & your nephew last night at the gig. (Pretty young girl you described me as) Just had a look at your website your artwork is fabulous. I love the "Change of light Waitatunui" The atmosphere is captured it makes me want to go there. Love the photos as well. Looked at the Fraser river ones as going to Canada 3 weeks today. Flying to Calgary hiring an RV and driving up Rockies ending up in Vancouver 3 weeks later. Looking forward to it. Nice to meet you and talk to you. Good luck with your book.

Photo: Somerset Cider Drinker.
Comment: "just chatting to gramp went out on the bike its realy growing on me think its as good as the dakar if not better at the moment anyway ive made stew from the meat sorry it was lovely im glad you did'nt pick it up! put some wood on the shed sent you a pic, goodnight"

Photo: Fizz the Ferret.
Comment: "good idea"

Photo: Fisherman from hell!
Comment: "Jeremy Great to finally find your site. Brother Chris and I got to know you at Hatepe in Feb when we were there to scatter our Dad's ashes. I understand you are now back home in UK and you must be suffering withdrawal symptoms like me. Just seeing your photos makes me want to be there NOW!!! The "Old Fisherman" shot could have been me! Take care of yourself and I'll be in touch." Geoff.

Photo: Trout & Dry Fly.
Comment: "good pic like nettlebridge fish"

Photo: Taupo Trout.
Comment: "hello jeremy just had a slaughter down at the rip light northerly and a rip running strait out cheewing gum got his limit 3 in the morning 3 in the afternoon cheers"

Photo: 1000lb Blue Marlin - Maderia.
Comment: "Jer, Great site, looks really professional. There are a few areas where the text needs correcting (just to be a fussy git)...... Well done content and detail looks great.... James.

Photo: Hooked up.
Comment: "very nice artwork jer reminds me of that time you went fishing in egypt"

Photo: Fish Eye.
Fish eye and the Paua shell share a likeness.

Photo: The Terror.
Managed to see website looks good on big screen love
the latest painting yes the mouth looks right gran thrilled what she could manage to see even you will be impressed when you see it big hope this will get through i am glad to know you now you are famous x x x. Mum.

Book: Against the Current.
Lovin the front cover, what a fantastic site,
wonderful pictures, keep on fishin!!

Photo: Golden Mahseer.
Nice looking site, looks like you've managed to get around a bit. It's a similar thing with me: lots of sacrifices and not much of a 'normal' life in order to get away from time to time and do some interesting stuff. Lately fishing has taken a bit of a back seat, or rather become more of a means to an end. Just going somewhere with a fishing rod leads you into situations you wouldn't otherwise find. So actually I don't catch all that many fish a lot of the time. Good luck with your continued adventures.
Jeremy Wade.

Photo: Hooked Payara.
I am so impressed !!!

The site is great - you have really put yourself out there too and I admire that. So I finally get to see your paintings..I think my favourite is hooked fish and Terror thus far. Now we are all waiting for the book....

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